Currently, Doodly offers a number of illustrator hand styles including:

  • right-handed
  • left-handed 
  • black sleeve 
  • sleeveless 
  • male 
  • female
  • darker skin tones
  • no hand

Please Note You cannot draw or upload your own hand style. The Doodly pre-set selections are the only hand styles that will function within the software.

Changing the Hand Style

  • Select Settings

  • Click on the hand style that you would like to use.

  • Then, finally, select Apply to finalize the change.


You now have the option to select a left-handed illustrator hand style.

  • Select settings

  • Click on the hand style that you would like to use and on the right-hand side you will see a drop-down menu titled "right-handed" to select your option.

  • You will then see that the hand will change to left-handed if selected.

Please Note You cannot change the hand style for individual slides. This setting applies to the entire project.