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Still Cannot sign in

I reset my password and when I try to sign in the same message pops up that was there when I used my old password. Something about the server not working. I have an old version of Doodley, do I need to update it? Do I have to be signed in to update it?


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I can get into your site however is says all the time,” There is a problem trying to access the Doody server. Please contact support, and let us know about this issue. Ok let me know what to do?

OKI Tech Support,

 I am still waiting for a fix for my problem. I would hate to go online and begin telling everyone that this program doesn't work and there is no tech. I need a response!

Unsatisfied customer

i also try again and again to sign for the first time and it always said its invalid or not corect. i fixed more than one to change the password. i activate and cant get it

I have a feeling they have gotten their money and that is all they care about. There are so many SCAMS out there it's getting where I don't want to purchase anything online. This was purchased through JVZOO. I don't think I will buy anything from them again.

i will cancel it soon

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Hi, After reading all these comments I feel uncomfortable with their content and I wonder if ever worked? 

I can't Login...

I got this when it first came out and it worked very well then. I went a long time without using it and when I finally tried to use it it would not work.

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