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Folder structure (with tags) and search functionality

I have already managed to have enough projects that I sometimes find it troublesome to find the project I want to tweak or edit. Therefor I suggest the possibility of using tags with the projects so they would be more easy to find which one to edit. It could be an alfabetical list of used tags, and then filter the projects bny tags, could be using a folder structure, and ofcourse a search functionality.

And perhaps best of all, all of the above. If we alse would be permitted to write a little note about each project, it would also help with search to find the right one. The real gamechanger though, would be using a tag system, where each project would be filterd by one or more tags.

Thank you.

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It would also be nice if something like this could be implemented with all the assets.


-Tags (easy sorting) (using several tags as well)

This would make it easy to locate assets needed for projects that consists of several doodles...

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