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Audio is not uploading

I have struggled for a week now with uploading my voice over audio file into Sounds.  I recorded the voice over with my Apple Iphone 8+, downloaded the audio into Camtasia where I edited the audio.  Once I was satisfied, I downloaded this MP4 format.  I then converted the MP4 to Mp3 with 2 different conversion software (in case there was a problem with either).  The Mp3 audio is working, so no problem there.  That's when the fun starts...

I click on the + sign in Sounds and choose the Mp3 to upload.  This then just goes into a spin, with nothing happening.  I've logged a ticket and but there is a 24 hour delay in between emails as there is quite a time difference between myself and where Doodly is operating from.  This is very frustrating and not leaving me with a very good feeling about Doodly.  What am I doing wrong?

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