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Were doodly save my works?

Hi, I have just intall and try once the product. Afer install I've seen that Doodly decided by itself the place to install (user/appdata/local/doodly)... I dont find the place where my file in developement is saved (when you press the save button)... I saved but I cant see where my file is saved. I basicly need to put any file in a proper directory... Let me know. Thanks. Matteo

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I believe it is stored in the cloud in a storage associated with your account. That’s what they said about the uploaded fonts, custom assets. Only exported videos stored locally. Wish I could access the asset-project files directly.

It is absolutely the same for me, Ferenc. The Work In Progress of Doodly could contain a lot of my time and work. My policy is to have allways a local back-up of any WIP of production... Non only of the final work released. Infact the WIP contains a lot of work that can be reusable for other projects: an investment that must be granted!


Much more: not to mension that some works (i.e. company presentations / project presentations) could contain confidential information... If my storage is "out of my control" I need to be granted with a contract that protect me from loss of data, stealing of data, and so on... :-(


If Doodly aspire to be a "top market level" product in Europe (we have a Data Protection Rules with a deep impact on business), these themes cannot be ignored.


I wait for some informations about it from the developers :-| :-| :-|

Dont hold your breath. Even though it is a one time payment lifetime membership going on, this is still a software as service bussiness. The cloud storage has some practical ( scaling) benefits, but also part of the lock-in so important for saas. I will use it as it is, with what it has. Their main target is not very sophisticated users putting together quick marketing gimmicks and sales pitch, as long as the novelty lasts. Ability to upload svg assets with path would be a nice touch though, so open sourcing the input format for that would be nice. But again, use it now what you have available. I didn’t see other people’s assets, so your IP is fine.

Yes, Ferenc. I think tha you point of view is correct.

Thank you.


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