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Convert image to line drawing

Hi there,

In the promo video you said/implied that Doodly can convert an image into a line drawing. I understand that I would need to create draw paths but I can't find a feature to do the conversion. Photoshop 'find edges' produces lines that are too thin to use well.

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Using Photoshop I have had success desaturating the picture then using "glowing edges". Glowing edges has tools that allow you to tinker with the results. Glowing edges will turn your picture into a negative which you can then reverse by using "invert".

Thanks  - just tried that and it gets me most of the way there - just need to tidy.

Great! Glad to have been able to help.

What if I dont have photoshop, how to convert images to a line drawing ? 

Yes goods  question is possibl  convert images to ñline drawing using tools doodly aplication?

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