What Type of Image Files Can be Uploaded Into Doodly?

Doodly accepts uploads of PNG, JPG and SVG image files. 

There is no limit on the size or number of custom images that you import. Upon importing, your custom image will be added to your personal image library. Please click through for more information about the  imported image policy.

For the best results and clearest images of Doodly uploads, we have a few recommendations:

  • SVGs will yield the best results. 
  • PNGs (with transparent background) with a resolution of at least 72 ppi are a great alternative. 

Please click through to learn more if you are experiencing distortion in uploaded images.

Please Note The Doodly software does not have the ability to intuitively create unique draw paths for any imported files. For imported files, the default draw path is a wide, sweeping motion. If another illustration pattern is desired, you will need to create a custom path for your image.

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